The Black sea resort Obzor is situated on the borderline between Varna and Burgas Regions. It is 65km to the south of Varna and 75km to the north of Burgas. Obzor is part of the Nesebar’s municipality. Practically the resort has 2 airports nearby: Burgas and Varna airports.

The population of Obzor is approximately 2000 people, but in the summer season the population is about 30 000 people including tourists

Obzor is one of the oldest and ancient Back Sea settlements. The first name of the town was ‘Navlohos’, but later the Romans gave the name Heliopolis- a city of the sun.

Romans raised a temple of their god Jupiter there and built a fortress. In the middle Ages the name of Obzor was ‘Kozjak’ (goat’s hair rug) and was a part of the possessions of the boyar Karvun. Nowadays in the small park of the resort are exposed remains of columns, capital and statues from the Jupiter’s temple.

The resort is situated in a gulf, from cape St.Atanas to the mountain of Emine. There are opportunities for Marinotherapy which makes Obzor very attractive place for “healthy” tourism.

Obzor is quiet and peaceful sea resort with wonderful beaches, fresh and clean air combined with beautiful surroundings.

The beaches are approximately 10 km long and 20-60 metres wide. The sand is finely grainy with golden color. It is consider that Obzor has the longest beaches in Bulgaria.

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